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Design for the MacVaine and MacArthur Project "The Silent Conspiracy".

first designs - working title 'dark conspiracy'

final result


Design of the CD + sleeve and a photo shoot during the making of a video clip by Skinnie for the best after-carnival song ever: 'Aafgesjmink' by De Ziepekroepers.

- Early designs, but Betty Boop didn't make it to the CD sleeve -

- CD final -

- CD sleeve -

- Lola Lee, singer of De Ziepekroepers -

- De Ziepekroepers go mad -


Creating the name and providing the photo for a new Beer in Nieuwstadt: "Lumens Blond".
The beer is brewed by the Muifelbrouwerij by order of Wervin, the local liquer store.

- first and second try - the second is close to the final version, that was made by the Brewery -

Lumens Blond
- final label -


Early 2012 I designed the new label for another local beer: "Nuujsjtadts Naat".

Nuujsjtadts Naat


Last edit: 2012 April 20.





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