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"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars"

Oscar Wilde

Welcome to my website. 

I've been an amateur astronomer since 1977 and my main interests are eclipses, northern lights, occultations, comets and the Moon.
Furthermore I'm very interested in the history of astronomy and a collector of antique starmaps and atlases.

I have many telescopes among which some classic telescopes - five Nihon Seiko Polarex (brand name Unitron in the USA) refractors (65M (65mm), 114 (60mm), 127 (40mm), 128 (60mm) and 131 (75mm)), one Royal Astro R-74 76.2 mm refractor and one Carton 60 mm - and two 14 cm Newtonian reflectors that belonged to two of my astronomy friends that are no longer with us - Henk Feijth († 1997) and Peter Bus (†2016). The latter telescope is being restored.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing I will participate o July 12  and 13, 2019 with www.onthemoonagain.org and show people the Moon with my Polarex' scopes. On the corner of the Randenborgweg and the Burgemeester FA Cortenplein in Nieuwstadt you're invited to have a look through the telescopes.

Catching the Zodiacal Light


the Libyan Plateau between Mersa Matruh and Siwa, Egypt.


picture by www.getinthepicture.nl


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